How distinctive retail labels will help you to stand out

How distinctive retail labels will help you to stand out

Wed 12th May 2021

The retail environment is fast and competitive. Many household names are under pressure from upstart companies and an increasing shift to online sales. To survive and thrive, retail businesses need to be adaptive and nimble. This is just as true when it comes to labelling. Those retailers that take an innovative approach to labelling will be able to raise their heads above the parapet and get noticed.


Sector insight: Three of the latest statistics around retail labelling and packaging

The role of packaging and labelling on consumer buying behaviour is crucial. Getting to grips with this helps retailers to stay ahead of the game and focused on the end-user. The facts and figures speak for themselves:

  1. 63% of consumers have purchased a product because the package looked appealing.
  2. 79% of consumers prefer purchasing daily household products from offline stores.
  3. 46% of consumers are more likely to try new brands than they were five years ago.


Keeping it local: How we’re supporting the growth in the independent retailer sector

 One upshot from the Covid-19 pandemic has seen people rediscovering local independent shops. They have provided a vital lifeline as people have been less able or inclined to travel. Many communities have wanted to support local businesses through the pandemic, and this is likely to continue going forward.

That said, it’s more than likely that at least some previous shopping habits may return as we all begin to something closer to normal. For example, ‘big shops’ may bounce back to pre-Covid levels and to compete with the larger multiples and maintain market share on a permanent basis, independent retailers may need to step up their shopper marketing in areas where high-quality labelling has an active role to play.


Just a few of the ways that Venture retail label solutions can take your retail strategy to the next level. . .


Professional and distinctive labels can give your retail business the edge

 When you run an independent retail business branding plays a key part in your success. As well as quality products and great customer service, a retail business that can project a strong brand image is more likely to foster a strong sense of loyalty in its customers.

Often a memorable brand identity is created and fostered by paying attention to the small details. A good example of this is labelling. Professional and distinctive labels can help make your brand stand out. Using high quality materials and distinctive designs, an independent retail business can make their mark in a crowded marketplace.


Professionally produced labels are a simple, flexible and cost-effective way for independent retailers to improve on-pack and in-store communication

 There’s a number of different ways in which labels can feature in an independent retail business. Firstly, they are key to successful pricing. By pricing up items from different suppliers and manufacturers you help to create visual consistency across your shelves, putting your own imprint on the products you stock.

If you sell your own range of products, good labelling is essential. Great design, bold colours and eye-catching fonts can stop your customers in their tracks, encourage them to consider what you’re offering and potentially encourage them to choose your own label range over the branded alternative.

Labels help you establish brand identity and give your products and premises a coherent style that makes improves shopper journeys and makes range navigation easier for shoppers.


Labels are an easy way to elevate your retail brand

Retail has long understood the importance of great design when it comes to labelling. Once high-end, quality labels incorporating the latest design trends was the preserve of the bigger more established brands. These days, great labels are more readily accessible. You can elevate the look and feel of your products and add value to your retail experience by making use of unique high-quality labelling.

Venture can create high-quality labels featuring eye-catching designs that help your retail business stand out. Whether you’re creating a consistent brand for your own products or looking to have visual consistency across your shelves then we can help.

Using the latest technology and the best materials our labels can give your retail business the competitive edge. Contact us today to find out how we can help.









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