Why attractive and informative food and drink labels are crucial in the battle to win the hearts and minds of consumers

Why attractive and informative food and drink labels are crucial in the battle to win the hearts and minds of consumers

Wed 12th May 2021

Food and drink labelling has created some of the most distinctive images of the modern era. Andy Warhol famously turned the Campbell’s Soup label into a work of art, and other famous brands such as McDonalds, Pringles and Coca-Cola, to name just a few, are globally recognisable and imprinted on our brains.

Even if the aims for food and drink branding are a bit more modest, it’s still important to ensure to keep up with current trends and ensure consistency across your range.

Packaging unwrapped: Four key trends currently influencing food and drink packaging

Food and drink labelling is constantly evolving, with new trends coming to the fore. So, how do you create an exciting and distinctive image that doesn’t alienate or confuse the consumer?

Here are 4 of the top trends that are making their mark…

1. Artisan authenticity

Artisan food and drink is now big business. Small businesses creating great products that consumers are willing to pay a little extra for are on trend. The branding of these products reflects their more homespun roots. Honesty and authenticity are the keywords here. Even bigger brands are creating sub-brands and new product ranges with a more artisan feel to help capture the trend.

2. Hand-crafted design

Across the board emphasis is now placed on bespoke rather than computer generated designs. Many brands are now linking up with artists and other creatives to produce truly distinctive designs that really stand out. The danger when taking this approach is that you end up with something that looks great but doesn’t communicate what your brand is all about. However, when done right, natural designs can really pop on the shelves!

3. White space

White space is featuring more on food and drink labels reflecting a trend towards greater simplicity. Used as part of the overall design rather than as an omission it can create clean and compelling designs that help to support the text.

4. Packaging sustainability

When it comes to food and drink labels great design and quality materials never really go out of fashion. Combine those two things and you’re half-way towards ensuring the impact on which successful food and drink brands are built. The sustainability of the paper used for labels and the tactility of the finish can make all the difference to those retailers that are striving to meet the needs of shoppers who are increasingly making buying decisions based on environmental credentials.

Why is distinctive labelling so important?

Trends are one thing, but why is good food labelling so important to producers in the first place? Applying coherent branded labels across your product packaging helps you to quickly roll out new product lines. When your goods reach the shelves they will stand out compared to your competitors, and it can make them easy for consumers to identify.

If you’re launching a new brand then labelling is a cheap way to establish your identity, increase trust and encourage interest from consumers. It helps to speed up recognition and drive incremental purchases.

Venture can create quality food and drink labels for your brand

Whether you’re looking for labelling for your new beer or gin brand, want your delicious cheese to stand out from the crowd, or are looking for branded labels for deli style products, then Venture can help.

We help our food and drink clients to produce distinctive labelling that makes them stand out on the shelves. Using great design and quality materials, Venture food and drink labels give your products the best chance of success.

Why not contact us today to find out more?

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