The Backyard Brewhouse Ltd

Austen Morgan, Director


The ability to order at much higher quantities, therefore reducing finished product cost has made the difference between profit and loss


Label challenges prior to engaging with Venture:

  • Large volume orders with capital outlay
  • Consistency of product between batches
  • On time delivery to bottling line

Since 2008, this award-winning brewery has experimented with different combinations of hops and ingredients to find both traditional and new tasting ales.

Venture provide the labels for their bottles and store them to be called off at any time.

The ability to order up to a year’s worth of labels across multiple lines at the same time meant a cut in production costs, and therefore a reduced cost to The Backyard Brewhouse.

Having labels on the shelf has meant we are able to respond to short orders within 24 hours. This would just not be possible with shorter print runs.

Managing the volume and costs in this way has allowed them to draw down as needed.  Plus, through minimising short runs, the consistency of labels is improved and high attention to QC from run to run is guaranteed.

As some products are supplied to supermarkets where margins are exceptionally tight, the ability to order at much higher quantities, and therefore reducing the finished product cost has made the difference between profit and loss for the business.


Products supplied:

In the years we have been working with Venture, a strong working relationship has been forged.  Requests are dealt with quickly and professionally.  Problems have been solved to mutual satisfaction and all those we have connected with have been a pleasure to work with.

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