Top Label Design Trends for 2021

Top Label Design Trends for 2021

Mon 12th Apr 2021

 Labels are all about creating a strong visual impression and identity for a wide range of products and services. It’s not surprising therefore that trends in label design and production are continually evolving. If brands want to stay a step ahead of the competition, they need to be aware of emerging trends and how they can be incorporated into their branding.

Three label design and production trends that we predict will stick around in 2021

  1. Texture: Labels which boost sensory brand experience.
  2. Repeated pattern: Labels which incorporate bold, unique decorative elements designed to enhance recognition and elevate the label into a distinctive brand asset.
  3. Sustainability: Brand labelling produced on environmentally considerate substrates.


A few ways you can leverage these trends (and others) to maximise brand growth


Align your brand with eco-conscious shopper behaviour

 Concern for the environment impacts on our consumer choices like never before. Increasingly, people are looking for products that offer some tangible way to either improve their environment or minimise the impact their consumer choices have on the planet.

It’s not just about the products they choose but how those products are presented and packaged. Labels that feature natural designs make it clear that the product is an environmentally friendly choice. This may even include what the label itself is made from, such as recyclable or compostable materials.


Think texture when it comes to labels

Texture has long been a design favourite of high-end, luxury brands but increasingly it’s becoming more commonplace. The labels themselves can be embossed or otherwise made tactile. They should look inviting and encourage the consumer to pick them up and touch them. Labels that look tactile are often instinctively viewed as being premium and therefore quality.


Use illustration to tell your brand story

Illustration increasingly features on labels, and they are being used to tell a story about the product. They can give a brand a sense of history and longevity, perhaps featuring an interpretation of the company founder or the first shop frontage. They let the consumer feel as if they are buying into something with a degree of provenance.


Keep your labels simple, bold and clear

 It’s a trend that comes in and out of fashion but it never fully goes away. Simple, bold designs make it easy for your customers to see what it is they’re buying. Think distinctive, contemporary fonts that are clear and easy to read, set against bold blocks of colour. They let you know quickly what the product is and convince you of its benefits. They’re a great design choice for products that everyone uses all the time where added value is less of a concern.


Go vintage with your labels

With the world being as fast-moving and uncertain as it is, people crave a sense of heritage and security. Vintage style labels are one way in which to tap into this with your brand. Think of some of the classic design styles from the past, be that early 20th century, 1950s or something more recent and give them a contemporary twist. Vintage design can communicate a certain outlook and aesthetic that in a fast-paced world people can find appealing.


Effective labels combine great design with quality materials

No matter how smart and on-trend your design, if your label quality is poor then you do not give it opportunity to shine. At Venture, we create quality labels and other printed materials for a wide variety of different brands and customers.


Why not contact us to find out how we can help you produce contemporary labels that help your products really stand out?

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