Labels within educational settings

Labels within educational settings

Wed 12th May 2021

Adhesive labels and other printed materials of different kinds have long played a part in schools and other educational settings. They’re used as motivational aids, to relay information and to reward hard work and academic success. They also help to personalise the educational environment, turning what could be a forbidding place into something much more approachable and friendly.


Creating the right environment for returning students

 The last year has been incredibly disruptive for school and college students. With home learning, social distancing, regular Covid-19 testing and long periods away from education, moving back towards more regular schooling may be something of a challenge. How do you ensure that children can re-engage with their learning space after so long away from formal education?


Labels can play a part in re-establishing routines

So much of school life is based on well-understood routines. Labels can help reintroduce those routines to students who have forgotten them. They can act as visual prompts, be colourful, reassuring and inclusive helping to create a sense of community and shared endeavour.

Making school environments friendly and welcoming will be key over the coming months and years as schools and students readjust to the classroom experience. Labels and other printed notifications can help reestablish these routines.


A lesson in effective labelling: What are the different ways our solutions can be used within schools?

Educational settings make use of labels and other printed materials in all kinds of different ways, some of them long established, others reflecting current concerns. Here are just a few of the ways that our labels can be used in schools to inform, guide and encourage:


Social distancing and other safety guidelines

 Social distancing and other Covid-19 guidelines are likely to remain in place for a considerable time even as life returns to something approaching greater normality. Colourful, fun designs reminding pupils to maintain necessary social distancing, to adhere to one-way systems and to observe good hand hygiene will all play a part in school life for the foreseeable future.


Motivational stickers

Bright, positive stickers can be used to motivate students through a system of rewards for good work or positive behaviour. They can be particularly useful for Early Years Foundation Stage learners, giving them something tangible to aim for and collect.


Book coverings

Labels can be used to personalise and identify workbooks and textbooks. They may feature the school logo or something more specific. Either way, they help to promote and encourage a corporate identity for the learning community.


Visual supports and interventions

Visual supports and interventions can take a number of different forms. They may be posters that remind students about behaviour or the classroom routine. They may help to reinforce certain behaviour or encourage good habits. Clear expectations in terms of behaviour can help create the right atmosphere and learning environment.


Venture produce high-quality and distinctive printed materials for schools

At Venture, we have over 30-years-experience working with schools and other educational establishments to produce distinctive printed materials that meet their particular needs.

Contact us to learn more about what we offer and how we can help make your school more welcoming, supportive and learning-focused.


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