How e-commerce labelling can give your brand the edge

How e-commerce labelling can give your brand the edge

Wed 12th May 2021

Supply chains and logistics have been put under immense pressure during the Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time it’s also been a boom time for e-commerce businesses. Whether an established name or a start-up, businesses have grown as retail has moved decisively online.

A look at the numbers: Three of the latest trends in global e-commerce logistics.

The market has transformed as a result of Covid-19 and this has impacted on fulfilment, logistics and consumer behaviour:

  1. The global e-commerce logistics market grew by 27.3% in 2020 and is predicted to grow by a CAGR of 8.6% to 2025.
  2. The global social commerce market is forecasted to grow by around 34% in 2021.
  3. For retailers to meet carbon emissions targets, sustainable practices need to be implemented throughout the supply chain.


The role of quality labelling in e-commerce channels

Why it’s more important than ever to ensure quality labelling is a key component in your e-commerce channel marketing strategy. . .

With more retail businesses moving online it has never been more important to make your brand stand out from your rivals. One way to do that is through professional labelling. In the past, many start-up e-commerce companies tended to view labelling as an afterthought. That’s no longer good enough. Professional labelling is now expected from consumers and it’s a sure way to differentiate your business from your competitors.


Labelling helps you establish your brand

Strong branding is one-way to make your start-up business stand out. Labelling is one of the principal tools that you have to establish your brand. It gets logos, choice of colour palette and font in front of your customers and helps to make an impression. Labelling helps you to communicate an appealing and engaging image with your customers that will linger in their memory.


Labelling creates the right impression

 When it comes to e-commerce, first impressions really count. If someone has made a purchase from you and then received a delivery, what impact does your parcel have? Does your packaging and labelling present a professional image?

Even if your business is a start-up operated from a back bedroom you will still be competing with established brands. Consumers will expect professional presentation from anything they purchase online. If you want to turn casual customers into return customers, then professional labelling should be a priority.


Labelling provides essential information

 As well as being vital for branding and creating the right impression, labelling allows you to provide essential product information to your customers. Whether that’s guidance about use, the ingredients of a product or a best before date, clear and accurate labelling is essential for a wide variety of different products.


Labelling supports a smooth and efficient logistical process

 As well as being a means to promote your brand, labelling helps your business run more efficiently. Strong adhesives mean that your labels won’t drop off once they’ve been shipped and they won’t require you to stick them on using tape or another adhesive.

Labels can be easily integrated into all of the popular e-commerce platforms. This makes your shipping process much simpler. They’re also easy to personalise, helping you to offer your customers a truly bespoke service.


Venture can create high-quality labels for your e-commerce business

 If you’re looking to develop your e-commerce business to ensure it remains competitive then high-quality labels can give your business the edge. At Venture we use high-quality materials to create informative and engaging labels for our clients.

We can help your business hold its own against some of the larger brands and stake your claim to the growing e-commerce market. With over 30-years of experience in the industry, Venture can offer advice and answer any questions you might have.

Contact us today to find out more about our e-commerce labelling solutions.

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